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ProAktiv wants to give you an opportunity to at your own pace find or regain your own way forward in life

The ProAktiv project aims to support people in finding or regaining their ability to work.

We offer a range of preparatory activities as a first step to work-oriented rehabilitation, workplace-related activities or studies. The efforts will primarily be conducted at Urkraft in our premises on Campus, but may also be at a workplace or at a study organizer in close collaboration with the study center TExAS, which is also located in Urkraft’s premises.

The target group is people who have aktivitetsersättning or have been denied aktivitetsersättning, as well as people who are perceived to need these efforts. Aimed at participants aged 18-29.

You as a participant can participate completely based on your own conditions and needs. In consultation with your tutor, you decide what you participate in, what is interesting and relevant to you – and how much time and energy you have to participate. We want to offer something which give your day meaning and that can give you inspiration and courage to take the next step.

Some examples of what we offer

  • Individual guidance
  • Study visits
  • ACT
  • Driving license study
  • Study Preparation
  • Support for internships
  • Support in making CV and cover letter
  • Community activities
  • Creative making
  • Technology & IT
  • Health & wellness
  • Exercise & physical activity

ProAktiv is a project in collaboration with the Social Insurance Agency in Skellefteå, Skellefteå and Urkraft. The project is co-financed by the ESF Council and the Skellefteå-Norsjö Samordningsförbundet and runs from 1 September 2019 to 31 December 2021.


Want to know more about ProAktiv? You are always welcome to us at Urkraft! We are located on the Campus area in Skellefteå (House K) or contact us by mail or telephone.

Ulrica Rauhala
+46910 – 579 06

Carolina Hansson
+46910 – 579 07

ProAktiv - Projekt Urkraft - Partners - Skellefteå kommun, Försäkringskassan. Projektet medfinansieras av ESF-rådet och Samordningsförbundet Skellefteå-Norsjö.


Laboratorgränd 9, 931 62 Skellefteå

0910 - 579 00

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