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How can a medium-sized municipality work coordinated, structured with a focus on self-efficacy when it comes to transitions between school and working life?


In this project, we want to see if a combination of two interesting working methods for work integration can be part of an overall coherent link between study and professional life, for those at risk of being excluded from the traditional way of work and study. The main objective is for individuals to come to work where their skills come to justice and where the employer’s demand controls the matching and the participants’ skills development.

Supported Employment is a method for work-oriented rehabilitation and has long been used in Sweden. The goal is to support people who are farther away from the labor market to find, get and keep a job in the open labor market. The method was developed primarily in order to enable entry into the labor market for persons with different disabilities.

The method is based on the following five steps:

  • Agreement with the individual
  • Occupational profile
  • Job Searching
  • Employer engagement
  • Workplace support

Supported Education is a rehabilitation method that aims to give people with mental disabilities support to succeed with their education. In Sweden, the method is relatively new, but in Skellefteå we have developed a learning environment and a study center using the SEd method. The method provides support and helps the individual to achieve educational goals whether it is compulsory school, high school / college or university. The purpose is for people who have mental illness or neuropsychiatric disability to be given the same conditions and opportunities as others.

The most important components of SEd:

  • Support and individual customization
  • Time for support as long as you need it
  • Help managing stress
  • Increase study results/academic knowledge
  • Problem solving, self-confidence and career development
  • >Help students overcome obstacles and obstacles to complete studies

We have long documented experience of working with both SE and SEd and in the project EmployAble we will define and develop a coherent method for how individuals’ self-sufficiency can be improved – based on their individual conditions, by testing the combined Supported Employment and Supported Education methods. The method should be based on influence, holistic view, time, and continuity, whether you are unemployed, dropped out or risk leaving school. The efforts must be unique and tailored to each individual according to the principles that are permeated SE and SEd.

Our goal in this project is to create a bridge between SE and SEd. At a later stage we can test the model with participants on a larger scale and make the model transferable to other municipalities in Sweden.

We who collaborate in EmployAble projects are Skellefteå municipality, VUX and the secondary school and Urkraft.


If you have any questions about EmployAble, please feel free to contact:

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Katrin Lundmark
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