The Greenhouse

We want to help people grow!

Today there are many good examples of effective work life rehabilitation. One of these is green rehabilitation, which is based on research on the natural environment and its ability to provide recovery, reduced stress and an opportunity to discover or rediscover abilities.

With this project, we want to build on the good experience of green rehabilitation and combine it with developing a sustainable business in the form of a social enterprise. One of the major problems in our society is when individuals with long absences from working life have found their work ability, it is still difficult to find a possible job. There is a great risk that these individuals will end up in a paralyzing cycle of periods of inaction and short-term action.

The supporting components are present; people who want and can work, committed buyers for products we want to develop, good cooperation with the municipality, employment services, social insurance and associations, experience in running projects and a great common will and belief in the idea.

The association Urkraft, together with Skellefteå pastorate, wants to create workplaces that will provide employment for people with mental illness who are far from the labor market. The innovative and new part of our project is to combine the green rehabilitation method with real employment in a sustainable and long-term way.

The products will, among other things, consist of growing plants in a greenhouse that will be run as a social enterprise by Skellefteå pastorate and Urkraft. This would provide work opportunities for the target group as well as the opportunity to work test places for people who need to investigate their work ability.

The project is currently in an investigative and developing phase.


If you have any questions about the Greenhouse, please feel free to contact:

Katrin Lundmark
+46 910 – 579 05

Therese Lundgren
+46 910 – 579 38


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