One of the overarching goals of the PRIORI project is that unemployment will decrease among vulnerable groups and lead to reduced exclusion, improved quality of life and reduced social costs.

We will also focus on building new models to enable Skellefteå to meet the upcoming skills supply needs that the new industrial establishment generates. The goal is also that the labor supply will increase regionally and that we will increase growth in the region.

The target group is individuals in unemployment in combination with a short educational background or low educational level, disability, foreign background or long periods of unemployment/sick leave behind them.

Education, lectures and other offerings for participants in the project

  • ACT / NeuroACT
  • Group exercises
  • Work testing in ASF
  • Driving license study
  • Creative workshop & art
  • Study and vocational guidance
  • Health and wellness
  • Social training
  • Community activities
  • Study visits
  • Everyday revision
  • Technology / IT
  • Social learning modules and digital training via SPINAR (work coaching and language development tools).
  • Individual guidance
  • Lectures on digital tools, social media and digitization – linked to the labor market, job seeking and integration.



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